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When we first became wedding photographers, we knew that our anniversary was going to come with some years of ‘sacrifice’ …you see…we got married on one of the most popular wedding dates of the year. October 10th – or 10/10. We aren’t sure why the fun numbers for wedding dates are so popular and to be honest, we didn’t even pick that date on purpose, but every year we are at a crossroads. We made the decision early on that any wedding we took on our anniversary was going to be something that we really wanted to do. (We’re sorry if that sounds selfish, but it’s our anniversary!)

When Gina & Esteban called us and explained they were possibly cancelling their big day (due to Co*id) we were so sad for them! We started throwing ideas around about moving their day or doing a smaller, more intimate ceremony similar to Steve + Katie’s day. Que a million ideas being thrown around and after some Air BnB hunting magic, we discovered the same location was available on the weekend following their original date! Needless to say — we were thrilled to be able to share our anniversary with these two and we can’t image a better anniversary twin! 😉 Gina + Esteban even had a place seating for us so we could enjoy an anniversary dinner together, and bought US an present. THEY ARE SO SWEET!!!  Thank you for treating us like family — we hope we get to enjoy another night of all night talk & laughter. We left your wedding with not only gorgeous images, but also new friends. We love you both!

With love,

Stephen & Melissa


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