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May 30, 2020

A Creekside Engagement Session at Midgley Bridge

Frank and Linda’s engagement session at Midgley Bridge in Sedona was just as beautiful as it sounds! We were first introduced to these two through a friend whose Mom works with Frank’s Mom. (Phew that’s a mouthful!) Honestly, we can’t thank enough the awesome people that put us in touch with our amazing couples! 

When we first started talking about their engagement session, Frank had the idea of going to the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, where he asked Linda to marry him! While that didn’t pan out the way we wanted, we needed to find somewhere special for them. We give them so much credit for having the patience to wait for things to open back up again and we think it was well worth the wait. It worked out so well arranging things in Sedona, and when Frank suggested Midgely Bridge as a possible location, it was such a unique and cool spot.  We knew it was perfect!

We started the session at the top of the bridge and made the short trek down to the bottom of the creek bed. Nerves are common during an engagement photo shoot and Frank joked early on that taking photos wasn’t his forte! He’s not alone in this feeling and many couples tell us this at the beginning of their session! We set them up at the base of a tree and as soon as he laid eyes on Linda, the nerves seemed to be gone and they quickly melted behind the camera. His whole face lit up and he instantly looked relaxed and smooth! We would say that we proved taking photos is actually one of their strengths! Proving just how great our couples truly are behind the camera is one of our favorite parts of our “jobs.” 

Our afternoon was full of literal ups and downs, arounds and overs. The hike isn’t difficult, but was entertaining with so much variation in such a short area! We never stopped chatting as we found one cool spot after another that fueled our photographic hearts. The creek was our guide and always showed us the way. We ended the hike like we do most engagement sessions… chasing the sun! They looked out over the canyon’s breathtaking view and we enjoyed the last few minutes of daylight. 

Even though our time together has been short, we can tell that they are 100% marrying their favorite person ever! We love their big hearts and they fit together like two puzzle pieces. We can’t wait to get these two behind the camera again and celebrate their sweet love. We are so excited to photograph their wedding in September!


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