An Adventure Engagement | Sedona, Arizona | Tayler + Austin

An Adventure Engagement at Cathedral Rock

Adventure Engagement by Stephen & Melissa

Tayler and Austin’s adventure engagement session at Cathedral Rock was truly amazing and we loved finally getting to know these two more! We found out that they love hiking about as much as we do and they go to some awesome places together! 

We certainly love Sedona for all of it’s beauty and endless landscapes! The winds sweeping through monolithic red rocks kept us cool even in 90 degree weather. Adventure engagement sessions are fun for us because we get a little further away from people and have the chance to open up a bit. The hikes are always a little more work, but the ability to adventure, get to know each other, and understand the real people in front of our lens really makes for a personal experience!

These two met online and something inside of Tayler said that this was real, that he was the one. Austin obviously continued to impress from the first date and it was no surprise as we got to know them, why he is her perfect match. Austin proposed to Tayler while on a hike through Gate’s Pass in Tucson. Hiking and nature are a common passion and what better way to ask the love of your life to marry you, than in a place you both love!

Tayler and Austin are similar to us in several ways, we joke often that we are the other half of each other’s brains, it is what makes us work so seamlessly together. Tayler and Austin are no exception. We saw so much of ourselves in them! They can go from being serious to laughing hysterically in minutes. Austin is a planner like Stephen, and Tayler adds the perfect amount of spontaneity to their relationship, like Melissa! She also pulls him back to reality when he needs it! 😉

Austin has a Texas sized personality that is so endearing. After a few minutes in front of the camera his awesomeness started to shine as we laughed throughout the rest of the session. Tayler is so genuine and fun! She wouldn’t hesitate to throw a fun pose at us to capture, or practice their dance moves on the edge of a mountain. She can brighten up any room she walks into! Tayler has a great sense of style and her Lulu’s outfits perfectly coordinated with our gorgeous surroundings.  It is these few things that bring an extra dimension to our couples’ personalities and what we enjoy most about getting to meet so many wonderful people.

Tayler and Austin, you were so much fun to be around! We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to be by your side for your wedding. You are quite the couple and if your friends and family are anything like you are, you are bound to have such a great wedding day in April!


Stephen & Melissa

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