4 Simple Tips for the Perfectly Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses | Wedding Planning

4 Simple Tips for the Perfectly Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses | Wedding Planning

Our Favorites tips & tricks for perfectly selecting and coordinating mismatched bridesmaid dresses for your wedding day!

Whether you are deciding between mismatched bridesmaids dresses, or bridesmaids dresses that are all the same color…you would think the hardest, most time consuming decision will be your wedding dress, (and for some it is.) But choosing bridesmaid dresses for your sister and friends can sometimes be more daunting.  There are so many choices when it comes to the look of your bridal party, but there’s a few staples for choosing your bridesmaid dresses that we find always look great! You have a vision of your wedding, including how you want your bridal party to look, but you also want to keep in mind your bridal parties opinions, and personal preference. There is a TON to think through! P.S…We love a more formal bridal party look, but for this blog, we are focusing on mismatched bridesmaid dresses!

Mismatching, matching, coordinating…there are many options when it comes to the dresses for your ladies. Our favorite take is from Bride.com who say… “Bridesmaid style has come a long way. Gone are the days of everyone having to wearing the same dress. Today, brides are mixing things up with mismatched bridesmaids dress, creating a truly unique ensembles featuring gorgeous dresses with different styles, fabrics, hemlines and colors. The trend allows you to highlight each individual woman and ensure she’s wearing a dress that makes her feel great…”

Using mismatched bridesmaid dresses presents a new set of challenges, however. If it’s not done right, you can end up with a strange looking ensemble rather than a cohesive, complementary one. The first step is deciding which mismatched route you want to go. Here’s a breakdown of some things to keep in mind when planning bridesmaid dresses.

Same Dress Style in Different Colors

If you’ve found a dress that you absolutely adore, and really want the same silhouette for all, don’t stress! You can still embrace the versatility of mismatched bridesmaid dresses within your bridal party by opting for different colors! Take time to examine and play with fabric swatches before you determine your scheme. Don’t let anyone quash your vision, because it’s usually going to be pretty dang great!

Same Dress Color in Different Styles

This option is perfect for the bride who wants to hold fast to the tradition of everyone in the same color, but also acknowledges the fabulousness that is diversity amongst her bridal party. By committing to the same hue yet allowing for options in style and design, you’re acknowledging a golden rule that all bridesmaids can appreciate — not every dress is flattering for every person. (Duh!) An added bonus? Allow your girls to pick their favorite style. They will appreciate the freedom of choice and are sure to be comfortable and happy.

It can even work when including a brides(man) What more could you ask for in a bridal party!?

mismatched bridesmaid dresses wedding bouquet hoops burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Different Dress Styles and Colors

If you’re going to commit to using different bridesmaid dresses, you might just want go all out. For a really stunning look incorporate both different designs and colors into your bridal party ensemble. For this option, you can stick within the same family and play with different tones and hues or use the palate of your wedding inspiration while shopping and selecting. Just be certain that once all dresses are selected, you have the time to see them together — a bit of cohesiveness is key here.

Ali did an incredible job with coordinating the perfect combination of all different styled dresses in a coordinating color palette. It’s no easy task coordinating 9 different ladies! Read all about Ali + James Desert Wedding here!mismatched bridesmaid dresses mauve bridesmaid dresses

4 Simple Tips for Pulling off Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Now that you’ve figured out a basic plan for your bridesmaid dresses, here are 5 of our favorite simple tips |

1. Consider Hemlines when Styling Your Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

In the true spirit of mismatching, brides often choose varying lengths for their mismatched bridesmaids dresses. Just be sure that there is a good mix of lengths (and silhouettes, for that matter) to go around. It adds more of a visual interest in your photos and will give that extra chic look. Whether you choose all floor-length gowns, a uniform to-the-knee hem, or varying lengths based on the dress and the ‘maid, make sure you stick to a hemline or have balanced options on the table.

2. Guide Your Ladies (or gentlemen)

A lot of brides love the idea of giving their bridesmaids a color and the freedom to shop for their own gown, but in true reality, that can be daunting and in all honesty, this method can really backfire. Think about it: If you tell your six girls to find long mauve bridesmaid dresses, you are going to end up with six different shades of mauve that may not blend well. Varying shades can be a serious distraction in photos and will leave you upset with your final look. You are also going to have different fabrics that won’t photograph in the same way. The result? Awkward photos!

A great option? Choose their options in advance. Pre-select the dresses, necklines, and colors that you like. Then, let them choose their favorite among your favorite choices. It will save you a lot of confusion about who is wearing what and avoids your best friends scrambling at the last second to find the perfect option!  We even suggest that you consider pre-selecting the color each bridesmaid will wear as well. They’ll love you for it!

3. Get Input from Your Bridesmaids

The beauty of having mismatched bridesmaid dresses is that each person can feel beautiful and confident in their own look, while still fitting in to your desired vision and color palette. Before you go assigning dresses and colors, talk to them! We can guarantee your bridal party will be more than grateful to have their voices and concerns heard. Some bridesmaids may want a more modest neckline, some girls may want fitted silhouettes and others may not have a preference whatsoever, but since you have the room for discussion take this opportunity to give your girls a choice.

The phrase “I’ll wear this again” is something many brides hope to accomplish with their bridesmaid dresses choice. If your ladies are involved in the conversation, chances are they are going to LOVE their selection and wear it again! To do this, share swatches or color families with your wedding party. Give them options of 10-15 dresses to choose from in the colors you desire. By doing this, they still have an element of choice, and you have peace of mind that your dresses will meet your vision for the big day. Everyone’s goal is met!

4. Flowers Can Pull It All Together

Don’t forget the flowers! When it comes to both different cuts and color in your maids’ dresses, the perfect way to tie it all together is with neutral and simple matching bouquets. We are big fans of florals and love how much they add to any situation but when it comes to mismatched bridesmaids dresses, you win EXTRA with some gorgeous bouquets….or super chic wedding hoops!

To do this, share swatches or color families with your girls, or give them options of 10-15 dresses to choose from in the colors you desire. By doing this, they still have an element of choice, and you have peace of mind that your dresses will meet your vision for the big day.

Ta-da! Hopefully this will save your bridesmaids from keeping silent while dishing out money for a dress they will never wear again. Plus, you get to feel in control without actually having to be The Boss!

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