We believe in genuine moments and chasing the sunset. In the kind of images that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments together - The final hug your best friend gives you before leaving the dressing room and how your normally reserved Dad… cries during the first dance. The way the two of you lean your heads together during toasts, and sneak 'I love you' glances all night -

Your wedding day will fly by, and we have a passion for helping our couples slow down, breath and savor their day. We are given the incredible opportunity to capture one of life's most celebrated moments and we strive to create joyful, genuine and timeless photos that tell your story and never let you forget those feelings -

In 50 years, it will be all about those photos of the memories you made celebrating the start of this new journey together - 

The duo behind the lens

Meet Stephen + Melissa

We are parents to 3 incredible kids who are our everyday inspiration.


We have been married for 5 years & on one of the most popular wedding dates of the year!


Adventure is out there & we love discovering & photographing new destinations.

A few Dream destinations:
The Amalfi Coast
Ireland   Spain
Greece   Australia


Fun Fact: This was taken on our honeymoon in Jamaica!

Hosting dinner parties are our jam!

Fun fact, Stephen is also a chef! We love trying new restaurants but nothing beats his secret chicken enchiladas!


There is nothing like an Arizona sunset and we have some of the most incredible light here. Our favorite time of day is about 2 hours before sunset when the light is just magic. 


Who are Stephen & Melissa?

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Our story may not be worthy of great American literature, but it's ours and we believe every love story is worth telling. We met 7 years ago in your typical boy-meets-girl fashion. Our first date consisted of the batting cages and a giant sized game of Jenga! What really hooked Melissa though... was the first time Stephen made her his famous chicken enchiladas (HOLY GUACAMOLE!) 

When we got married, it was a small intimate wedding with our absolute favorite people and it was perfect. We went antique hunting, argued over invitation inserts, and even created a step-by-step instruction manual complete with photo references of what each table would look like! Stephen is the planner and LOVES a good timeline! ;) We poured our hearts into every last detail and our family and friends helped turn our dream into a reality! 

At the end of the day, and after months or YEARS of planning, it's the photographs that can transport you back instantly to that incredible day. It does for us! We love being part of the beginning of your story and telling it in a way that brings out the most beautiful side of you! 

The Wedding Experience

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A sneak peek

At us!

Stephen is quite literally the other half of my brain & it's what makes us work so seamlessly on a wedding day!

Top 3 favorite parts to capture on a wedding day:
1. Bride & Groom, I love our couples!
2. Bridal party, because it's all of your favorite people!
3. Details, they really do matter!

I could binge watch the entire series of Friends...but Stephen has never seen a single episode! He never understands when I yell PIVOT!! 

I've had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember, but high school film lab lit the first true spark. 

I've been captivated by wedding's all my life. I love the hustle and bustle, the emotion, the tears, the joy!

I have a sweet tooth who thinks she's the boss! 

I love creating a beautiful representation of your wedding day & capturing everything as it is unfolding.  

When I was pregnant with our daughter I started a small Etsy shop that turned into a successful business! Since 2013, I have created over 2000 handmade nursery mobiles!  

I am absolutely obsessed with alpacas and llamas. Yes, they are different! 🦙

I'm an Arizona Native & aspiring world traveler. Simply put, my bucket list is pretty epic!

I graduated from NAU (GO LUMBERJACKS!)
with a dual certification in special/elementary education.

I can't cook, but being married to Stephen is like having a personal chef for all meals of the day! 


Melissa may refer to me as her human jukebox, BUT when our daughter was born, I realized I didn't know any children's songs...
I sang her Kenny Rodgers, "The Gambler" 
for the first year of her life. 

Top 3 favorite things to capture on a wedding day:
1.  Bride & Groom + sunset = magic
2. First Kiss, it's all about that pressure! You have ONE chance! 
3. Candid Moments - I love all the emotions! 

Whether it's a well composed photo, a new piece of furniture, or a family sized helping of chicken piccata, I have an uncontrollable urge to create something on a daily basis! 

I have a special appreciation for Chicago-Style stuffed pizza, and a 2015 Castagnoli Chianti.

As an hobby woodworker, you will find me in my woodshop during our off season. I have created some of the bowls and dishes for our style kit!

I have no less than 87 unique voices I use for telling my children bedtime stories. Try me! ;)

My family is my greatest achievement. I couldn't be more proud of my wife, and each of my children for the things they accomplish every single day. 

I love a good trivia night & always have a great random fact to share.

I became an ordained minister so I could  marry our friends! ....I married them twice for good measure! ;) 

I love all types of movies & i'm not afraid to admit I cry during a good ROMCOM or wedding video ;)


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