Gina + Esteban

May 29, 2020

A Summer Red Rock Engagement

We got back to some cooler temperatures this past weekend as summer imposed itself on the rest of Phoenix! Gina & Esteban’s summer Red Rock engagement session in Sedona gave us a chance to get out again into one of our favorite places in the world.  Not only that, but we got to meet these two in one of the most iconic spots in Sedona… Cathedral Rock. It was Esteban’s first time in Sedona and it reminded us of the first time we saw such beauty. It’s kinda like love at first sight; your mouth drops while your eyes experience temporary paralysis.

Gina & Esteban have one of our favorite “getting together” stories we have ever heard. Usually when someone says, “we met at the grocery store…” the mind goes straight to the produce section. Since some grocery stores now have sit-down establishments inside of them, they happened to meet as a random chance occurrence after Esteban had gotten off of work early and with a stroke of luck, happened to sit down right next to Gina! Love really does have a way of finding people at the funniest times and Whole Foods will forever have a special place in our hearts!

If you haven’t scrolled down to find the most adorable dog you’ve ever seen yet, you are in for a treat! That’s Prancer — Quite possibly the cutest tiny canine you could ever wanna put in your pocket, and this fluffy camera prop stole the show for a bit… Like really?!? You can’t get cuter than that!!! During the shoot he would just hang out in his basket and we swooned over him. There were even times when he would get just as excited as we did with how awesome they looked and would start barking in agreement… No joke! 

Our adventure together was never dull as we took advantage of every opportunity to capture the special relationship they share. We hiked a road less taken to get away from crowds and enjoy the landscape a bit. Our route took us to one of our favorite exposures of Cathedral Rock. With the sun starting to ease towards the horizon, we watched curtains of golden light hold hands with the Red Rocks. Gina & Esteban kept up with every step; excited to see what was around the next corner!

Did we mention that these two love to travel? Even though they are both Arizona Natives just like Melissa, they have been to so many places together it almost makes us a lil jelly (#travelgoals). Esteban even made it official in Telluride! We have no idea where their travels will take them in life, but we know that they will make great memories together anywhere they are. One thing is certain for us, we can’t wait to see them tie the knot in October!

And if you were wondering what we were wondering, then yes… Prancer will be at the wedding and we can’t wait for him to strut his stuff! 


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